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Why Reputation isn’t About Joe Alwyn

Taylor had been pushing during her Secret Sessions before the album dropped that the new album was about “her angel boyfriend of one year” Joe. However, her overall timeline with Joe doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. The Taylor/Joe (Toe) fans believe they met at the Met Gala in 2016 while Taylor was still with Calvin, but even though Taylor was so enthralled by how gorgeous Joe was, she decided to dump Calvin and date Tom Hiddleston instead. I also have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact we’re supposed to believe Taylor Swift (of all people) thought he was gorgeous when this is what he looked like at the Met Gala. I’m sorry, but no. 

As a note, the official line is that they met at Kings of Leon concert October 12, 2016… This doesn’t help their timeline though; it still doesn’t make sense. 

Also for those interested, this post sums up a lot of what is written below.

Songs written before she met Joe:

Other songs that don’t make sense: 

  • End Game:
    • How can a person have a ‘big reputation’ if literally nobody knows who you are??
    • This is also a song about someone Taylor wants to be with for the long haul. How could she have written that about a “boyfriend” she barely knew at the time?
  • New Year’s Day
    • Again, another song about a long term relationship.
  • Dress
    • Taylor wrote the lyrics in October of 2016, the same month she met Joe. The plausibility that this song is about Joe is 0%. 
  • Don’t Blame Me:
    • Why would she have to fall from grace just to touch some white boys’ face? Why is she having to hide her obsession? Doesn’t make sense if she’s talking about a het relationship.
  • Dancing With Our Hands Tied
    • If she’s in a het relationship with a guy, why can’t she dance with them? What’s *honestly* stopping her? Things aren’t this hard for straight women. 
    • Also at the time this was most likely written (2016), no one knew they were “together” so who was talking? Literally nobody. 
  • So it Goes…
    • “Wear you like a necklace” is inherently a wlw lyric. For those who don’t know what Taylor is insinuating (in a song about sex) here’s a link for you. 

On top of that, the album was supposed to come out earlier than it did, which only pushes up the timeline. 


Chances are she had ideas and lines for songs in 2014, 2015, and early 2016, and then recorded in late 2016. She wouldn’t have been with Joe long enough to be able to write songs that talk about a long term relationship… Which most the songs on the album reference. Logically it just doesn’t make sense. Here’s a post where I go into more detail regarding this. 

Hiddleshit Press

This is basically a masterpost filled with all the times Taylor and Tom got called in the media for stunting and being fake.

Huffington Post: 

Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Really Want You To Believe They’re Together

Will Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift Subject The Emmys Red Carpet To Their Totally Organic Lovefest?

The Daily Beast:

I Have No Patience for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

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Kaylor Masterpost: 2013-2014 Timeline

This is a basic timeline of Karlie and Taylor’s relationship from 2013-2014.

The (x) after the date of the event is the specific tag I have for it on Tumblr.

VSFS 2013 – Nov/Dec of 2013 (x)


A few videos leaked in early 2016, and they contained unseen interactions between Karlie and Taylor. (x) (x)

Karlie at Andrea’s Birthday Party – January 2014

During the secret sessions in 2014, fans reported that there was a picture of Karlie, Taylor, and Andrea with a cake hanging up, and they were all in winter attire. We believe that because Andrea’s birthday is in early January, this picture was taken at the party.

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Tayv!n the PR Stunt

I had been encouraged by quite a few people to make a post dedicated to the PR Stunt that Taylor and Calvin have been running. I had initially made this post last July, and have now finally gotten a chance to update it so this masterpost is almost everything from the last year.

I also tried staying very unbiased here (as much as I possibly can), and tried only looking at the PR facts we have. 

Before I actually start I want to state a few things so you all can reflect on it while reading this. Taylor had said that her next relationship would be a lot more private/secretive, and throughout this stunt she has not once stuck to that. And to the nay-sayers, don’t give me the weak argument that she’s comfortable being seen with him in public, and completely throw that quote out of the window. Everything they’ve done has been overly publicized. I would understand them being seen together more often in the public eye after dating for awhile, but she threw them in front of the media literally from the “first date.”

In this video Calvin says Taylor is the opposite of his type, and that was only 4 months before meeting her so it isn’t super old. The only thing that can change someone’s type that fast IMO is money/fame/publicity.

Last thing before we start – Calvin has said that he doesn’t like dating famous women so why is he ‘dating’ one of the most famous ones in the world?


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Kimby’s Likes

Since June of 2015, our fandom has been paying closer attention to Kimby’s likes. This post is going to be a compilation of her likes associated with Karlie/Taylor.

Before we begin, there has been a couple excuses made up about Kimby’s likes so I want to address this right away.

First Excuse:

I constantly hear is that she’s an attention seeker. But is she really? Cause I did the math, and numbers don’t lie. This post will consist of 31 kaylor likes from Kimby. I left a few out, but I will be generous here and say she’s liked 50 kaylor tweets since last year, and trust me that’s generous. Kimby has also had her account since 2009, and has liked over 4,000 tweets. Scrolling her page took a long time so I will be generous again, and say most of these came within the last 2,000 tweets. Let’s do the math. 50 divided by 2000 equals 0.025. That means only 2.5% of Kimby’s likes consist of kaylor. If I was extra generous and, did 50 divided by 1000 that still would only be 5%, which is a tiny percentage. Kimby is going to get attention either way, she’s Karlie’s sister. It’s extremely important to note that these kaylor likes are a few and far between. Also most of these likes happen, and then she doesn’t like anything have to do with Karlie/Taylor for at the very least a month. So with her doing this maybe once a month, and only 2.5-5% of her likes being about kaylor, Kimby being an attention seeker is an incredibly weak, and invalid argument.

Second Excuse:

Certain individuals like to say Taylor doesn’t even know her, yet Taylor threw Kimby and Kariann a birthday party at Omnia over their birthday week/weekend. Kimby is on a hugging basis with Tree even… Taylor and Kimby know each other. 

Third Excuse:

The last one we usually hear is that Kimby isn’t serious when she likes the tweets I’ve added below. This makes no sense to me because I highly doubt Taylor and Tree would let her do this if they weren’t okay with it. They micro manage EVERYTHING. This wouldn’t be happening unless Taylor was allowing it. It also debunks people saying Taylor and Karlie are uncomfortable with kaylor talk… If they were, Kimby wouldn’t be doing this.

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