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Kaylor Masterpost: 2015-2016 Timeline

This is a basic timeline of Karlie and Taylor’s relationship from 2013-2014.

The (x) after the date of the event is the specific tag I have for it on Tumblr.

Girls night w/ Martha – January 1, 2015

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Purposeful Inconsistencies


Compilation of posts showing Taylor wants fans to figure out her “relationship” with Joe is fake.

“Accidental Laptop Showing”

Why it’s Impossible Reputation is About Joe

Taylor had been pushing during her Secret Sessions before the album dropped that the new album was about Joe. However, the closer people looked, the more inconsistencies they found.

This post sums up a lot of what is written below.

When registering the copyrights for the songs on Reputation, Taylor & Co. listed all the creation dates as 2017, most likely to persuade fans into believing they were written about Joe. This is inaccurate given the fact we know songs were written in 2015 and 2016, and most likely 2014 as well.

Songs written before she met Joe:

Other songs that don’t make sense: 

  • End Game:
    • How can a person have a ‘big reputation’ if literally nobody knows who you are??
    • This is also a song about someone Taylor wants to be with for the long haul. How could she have written that about a “boyfriend” she barely knew at the time?
  • New Year’s Day
    • Again, another song about a long term relationship.
  • Don’t Blame Me:
    • Why would she have to fall from grace just to touch some white boys’ face? Why is she having to hide her obsession? Doesn’t make sense if she’s talking about a het relationship.
  • So it Goes…
    • The bridge of this song talks about giving and receiving (sexually) multiple times, which… isn’t really possible when it comes to men. However, it is with women.

On top of that, the album was supposed to come out earlier than it had so writing and recording in 2017 would have been virtually impossible. I would bet money that the album was finished being mixed and mastered by Spring of 2017, or maybe even sooner.


I also wrote a post up when Reputation initially came out about how it doesn’t make logical sense that she could have written an album like Reputation when she had only been “dating” Joe for maybe a few months.

Hiddleshit Press

This is basically a masterpost filled with all the times Taylor and Tom got called in the media for stunting and being fake.

Huffington Post: 

Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston Really Want You To Believe They’re Together

Will Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift Subject The Emmys Red Carpet To Their Totally Organic Lovefest?

The Daily Beast:

I Have No Patience for Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston

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Kaylor Masterpost: 2013-2014 Timeline

This is a basic timeline of Karlie and Taylor’s relationship from 2013-2014.

The (x) after the date of the event is the specific tag I have for it on Tumblr.

VSFS 2013 – Nov/Dec of 2013 (x)


A few videos leaked in early 2016, and they contained unseen interactions between Karlie and Taylor. (x) (x)

Smitten Taylor is the best. 

Karlie at Andrea’s Birthday Party – January 2014

During the secret sessions in 2014, fans reported that there was a picture of Karlie, Taylor, and Andrea with a cake hanging up, and they were all in winter attire. We believe that because Andrea’s birthday is in early January, this picture was taken at the party.

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