Reputation’s Gold Theme Explained

Have you ever wondered why Reputation relies heavily on a “gold” theme? I know I have. I could always make the parallel to the gold wings Karlie sported at VSFS ’14 and the gold stickers her and Taylor wore to Drake’s birthday party in 2016, but those parallels always seemed a bit weak to me. 

That is until I read this submission that was sent to TTB.

In this submission, it details that:

  • Gold is the color for Leo’s 
  • Leo’s are explained to be:
    • The King
    • The Magician
    • The Golden Child
  • Deep Purple/Blue is the color for Sagittarius’

Most will know this, but in case some people don’t: Taylor is a Sagittarius and Karlie is a Leo.

This information is important because it finally ties together why this “gold” theme is a center piece to this album. 

End Game

It’s like your eyes are liquor, it’s like your body is gold


Made your mark on me, a golden tattoo

Dancing With Our Hands Tied:

Deep blue but you painted me golden

King of My Heart:

Leo’s are “King” and Taylor wrote this song on Karlie’s birthday.

So it Goes…

All eyes on you, my magician

Gold cage, hostage to my feelings

What I find the most interesting is that Taylor was seen sporting a pisces ring November 2017 (the same month Reputation came out) yet five songs (or 1/3 of the album) reflect Karlie’s horoscope… Not his. If Taylor was actually with Joe, wouldn’t she be referencing a pisces?? Not her friend that she’s totally, definitely not dating? 

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  1. Ah, so KOMH wasn’t just an obligatory “no homo” song… Side note: I love the “we rule the kingdom inside my room” line. It reminds me of “we’re dancing ’round the kitchen in the refrigerator light” and “we moved the furniture so we could dance.” Notice all those events are taking place inside where they can’t be seen.

    My only question is, what do you make of the “we met a few weeks ago” line? Was the song an old idea or was the original line altered?

    1. Yes!

      As for the “we met a few weeks ago” line, my guess is that it was added later since we know she was recording that song before her and Joe even met… Or the stunt had been planned for awhile so she knew it was coming. Who knows! Either way, the song isn’t about him.

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