Tayv!n the PR Stunt

I had been encouraged by quite a few people to make a post dedicated to the PR Stunt that Taylor and Calvin have been running. I had initially made this post last July, and have now finally gotten a chance to update it so this masterpost is almost everything from the last year.

I also tried staying very unbiased here (as much as I possibly can), and tried only looking at the PR facts we have. 

Before I actually start I want to state a few things so you all can reflect on it while reading this. Taylor had said that her next relationship would be a lot more private/secretive, and throughout this stunt she has not once stuck to that. And to the nay-sayers, don’t give me the weak argument that she’s comfortable being seen with him in public, and completely throw that quote out of the window. Everything they’ve done has been overly publicized. I would understand them being seen together more often in the public eye after dating for awhile, but she threw them in front of the media literally from the “first date.”

In this video Calvin says Taylor is the opposite of his type, and that was only 4 months before meeting her so it isn’t super old. The only thing that can change someone’s type that fast IMO is money/fame/publicity.

Last thing before we start – Calvin has said that he doesn’t like dating famous women so why is he ‘dating’ one of the most famous ones in the world?


Problematic Issues:

I just want to point out a few facts about some of things Calvin has done that just don’t add up to why 2014/15 Taylor Swift would be ‘dating’ him. These issues are part of the bottom line why this pairing just doesn’t make sense.

  • He’s posted racist/nasty things on social media (the the blog who made the original post has deactivated, but Daily Beast reported on that post)
  • Back in March of 2015 he had drawn a picture of Sam Smith with a penis on his head, posted it on Snapchat, and then later deleted it (x)
  • His album hadn’t got the best reviews by the critics, and he threw a tantrum on Twitter about it. Which in any line of work, ranting on social media like that is very unprofessional. (x)

I know you might be saying, “but that was a few years ago”, yes you’re right. Most of these incidents are a few years old, but that doesn’t change the fact that they happened. We also haven’t seen an apology from him about any of these things either so just because he hasn’t done anything bad the last few months (other than the Sam Smith Snapchats) we have nothing to go off of that he’s changed.

Even his friends, like Dillion Francis, have posted things about Taylor on Snapchat basically sexually harassing her. Dillion posted a few pictures of her pretending to squeeze her nipples, and captioned it “Calvin Harris you mad bro?” Which Taylor ended up unfollowing Dillon, but don’t your friends reflect who you are as a person?

First Run In: 

At first we thought these two met at the Brit awards. A picture from a certain Instagram user was posted of a group of people that included Taylor and Calvin from the Style Awards on February 24th, 2015. The next night we got a video of Taylor and Calvin meeting again at the Brit Awards on February 25th, 2015, and in this video (start at around 2:45) you can see, Calvin, Taylor, AND Tree (Taylor’s publicist) talking.

The really problematic thing about all of this is that Calvin was seen at the beach between the 17th and 23rd (depending on what article you read) of February with his ‘ex’ girlfriend of 7 months, Aarika Wolfe. So give or take 1 to 8 days before the Brits. See article here confirming they were seen together. With Taylor’s one year anniversary post for them, she confirmed that they “got together” on March 6th, 2015…. They basically exposed Taylor as the other woman because that means that Calvin jumped from Aarika to Taylor within 2-3 weeks.

Once the media outlets started finding out about Aarika, they were saying he cheated with Taylor, and him being the smart person he is  decided to delete all the Instagram pictures he had of Aarika on his account to try to cover it up. Calvin was also still liking Aarika’s pictures on Instagram even though he was “with” Taylor.

Nashville Outings: 

So for their first stunt, they decided to start off low-key and go to Whole Foods, where fan pictures were taken. With it being Nashville, pap pictures right off the bat would have been EXTREMELY suspicious/obvious so they decided to go with something more subtle. Later during their stay, they ended up going to Kenny Chesney’s concert. Taylor had her 1989 bedazzled microphone ready so she obviously had this planned this beforehand, and none other than Tree Paine accompanied them on their ‘date’. A year later we figured out that Calvin’s manager accompanied them as well.

From the very beginning things were off. People seemed to be noticing the oddness in the timing of this “relationship” since her world tour was starting very soon, how right off the bat they were wearing matching outfits at Whole Foods, and how the chemistry just didn’t quite seem there. Taylor had been preaching her feminism spiel for over a year, and then suddenly 40 days before her world tour she’s “dating” someone who is sexist? Fast forward over a year, and this still doesn’t add up.

Pap Shots is Free PR:

So before I really get into this I want to talk about the paparazzi. People tend not to understand the relationship celebs and paparazzi photographers have. All pap pictures are PR for these celebrities, and more times than not they are called/tipped off. These photographers don’t have time to camp out, especially when they could be off somewhere else taking shots of people that they’ve been called by. Also if these paps take pictures these people’s teams don’t want posted, they won’t, or they can be paid off not too. Here’s a few articles talking about celebs calling the paps. (x) (x)

Also here’s an article that explains why celebs fake date (x)

PR Company:

For Calvin and Taylor’s pap shots, a lot of times they go through a PR company called AKM-GSI (the same people she used for Jake G), and if you look at their tag line, it says “PR for Hire.” Later in this post you will see they use another PR service called FlameFlyNet (the same people she used for Harry most times).

Haim Concert:

She attended the Haim concert with Calvin (in LA) in April, which we had predicted was probably going to happen. The thing that many people found odd was that in most of the pictures Taylor was just sitting there, and wasn’t singing or dancing. If you have ever seen Taylor at an award show or a concert, you know the girl goes hard with her awkward dancing. Another thing to note, she brought Jaime King and her husband along. At the beginning of this stunt until the end of the summer, they were almost never seen alone. After the concert, more pap pictures were taken too.

Pap Shots:

Pictures have also been taken of Calvin leaving Taylor’s LA home in the morning, but here’s the kicker – the paparazzi would not have been there unless they were called (see a trend coming on?). In LA, Taylor lives in a very high class residential area, where paparazzi can’t camp out, the security that’s always there will ask them to leave. So how would they know he is leaving? How would they know if he’s leaving at all? The only way these people knew he was leaving, was because her team called them. Plain and simple. And anyone who wants to argue with that, show me other paparazzi pictures of anyone else leaving her LA home with her, or even Taylor herself.

The first car shots (outside her house again) we got were in LA. Her bodyguards were right in front of them in Taylor’s SUV on the way to his house, and since we didn’t see an arrival anywhere, my money is on that he walked inside, and she rode home with her bodyguards immediately after.

Throughout this whole stunt LA has seemed to be the go-to place to get the shots they want. Again we got candid pictures of Taylor and Calvin out to dinner in LA, but what was even more weird this time was that these pictures were taken the night of May 11th, but weren’t posted until May 12th. That does NOT happen when you’re Taylor Swift. Another interesting thing is that it was reported by people that there was only 1 photographer, suggesting again that they were hired by Taylor’s team. Also those pictures were a People’s Magazine Exclusive (why they were held til the next day) which right there is a huge red flag for it being staged.

Billboard Music Awards:

The night of the BBMAs was filled with an extreme amount of PDA, and the lack of chemistry was very evident to people even outside of the fandom. When they hugged it seemed like they had never done that before and Taylor’s fists were balled up. The next day we had the pleasure in reading plenty of articles like this one that could clearly see what was up with them that night, and were calling the sham out for what it is. From audience footage you can see that when she knows the cameras are on them, they turn up the PDA, and then when they aren’t, they don’t talk, touch, or even really look at each other. Also for her to really be able to dance, she had to move away from him.

Also in this video (fast forward to around 1:20) you can clearly see Taylor mocking Calvin for not wanting to dance, and with her hand gestures I assume she’s copying him because he seemed to be acting like he was embarrassed by her dancing.

At Taylor and Ed’s after party they took photobooth pictures, and of course Taylor and Calvin were all over each other. To get these pictures out there she had her other friends post these pictures an hour apart from each other. Then she made her brother make an Instagram account JUST to post the picture even though he already had one. Then after the BBMAs he didn’t post anything on it after that. Well… Let me rephrase that, he hadn’t until we had all been talking about it and then the very next day he posted.


May 26th, 27th, and 28th Calvin spent those 3 days in NYC with Taylor after she got back from her show in Norwich, England. He had snapped alerting everyone he was on his way there, and once he got there they decided to get pizza at a place that is known to be very touristy. In the next two days after that, they were papped every single day, and at all times of the day. At first she had called them to come her place, but since they were seen SO MANY times, they ended up starting to camp out since they were the hot topic those three days. But most times she calls them when she’s in NYC. People (outside the fandom) who live in NYC even say that there’s never paparazzi camped outside her apartment.


She did however call them to take these pictures outside of Spotted Pigs on the 28th. Since the video that follows is distasteful, I thought I should add some of pictures too.


While they were leaving though, he stopped and waited for her, held her hand for maybe 2 seconds to get the shot, and then not so nicely pushed her into the car. I used to have the video added in, but the link is dead.

There was a lot of talk about it back when it happened, but it seemed that they might have been clashing heads a little bit that week because of their attitudes, Calvin didn’t even seem to be trying as much as he had been before, and then they took a week and a half break after that.

Tree also got pap’d leaving Taylor’s NYC apartment with a suitcase the day after Calvin supposedly “spent the night.” As in, Taylor’s publicist was staying with Taylor overseeing everything.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 1.24.40 PM.png

The Infamous Swan Picture:

In June, Taylor and Calvin posted a picture of themselves on a swan floaty. We started doing some digging, and first we found that ONTD reported that the weather in the background of their picture didn’t match the weather in LA that day, and after I had looked it up the day it was posted, it was pretty chilly and cloudy. Also a few days prior when Taylor had gone MIA, a pretty big grass fire had occurred, which would explain the haze in the back ground of the picture. After even a little more digging, we found that in the concert before (Raleigh, NC) Taylor was wearing black nail polish on her toes, in the swan picture she wasn’t, and then later that night in her candids again they were painted black. I believe this picture was a latergram, to make it seem like they had spent the day together. The most interesting thing about this is that it was their “debut” on Instagram as a couple.

SoHo House/Exclusives

On June 14th Taylor threw Jaime a baby shower, and of course photobooths were involved (clearly it’s not a party to her unless there’s a photobooth), but the next day (the 15th) Calvin, Taylor, AND Tree were papped outside of his Range Rover, and they were meeting Gigi, Joe, and some other friends for lunch in LA. The funny thing is that:

  • They were taken the day before because Taylor was wearing the same outfit as the 14th.
  • They were an exclusive to People and Popsugar (again, exclusives are the first red flag that it’s PR/staged)
  • They were posted at 9 am LA time…. that’s not lunch time.
  • SoHo House (where they went) is an exclusive, members-only club that prides itself on being paparazzi-free by having an underground garage and entrance that allows privacy for it’s members, but some how a pap made his way down there…. These pictures were taken by FlameFlyNet (the same company she went through for a lot of her pictures with Harry). Only way they made their way down there was if Taylor called them, and allowed it.
  • Tree and Calvin weren’t in the lunch pictures so where did they go?

If those wouldn’t have been exclusives set up by Team Swift, they would have been posted right away, not delayed, and a pap wouldn’t have been able to snap those pictures in the first place.

The Boat Incident: 

Taylor and Calvin both had shows overseas at the end of June and weren’t able to meet up until June 28th. He alerted everyone via Snapchat that he had landed, and then later that day him, Taylor, Karlie, Gigi, Joe, Andrea, and Scott were seen on a boat going up/down the Thames River. How would the paparazzi (that she probably doesn’t have as much control of since she was overseas) know they were on that boat? There’s no way they could have known that. Taylor did call a more private photographer by the name David Taylor though. These pictures were posted under Dai Taylor’s website and Pinterest, and they were categorized under the PR tag. Here’s a picture of what Dai Taylor’s website looks like:



After being in London on the 28th, they flew to Dublin the 29th since she had shows there the 29th and 30th. There were airport pictures of them arriving in Dublin, but The Irish Independent Paper, would have never of known when they were flying in unless someone told them. Also we very rarely get shots of Taylor going anywhere once she gets off her plane, so that just adds more suspicion to it.

He was seen at her Dublin show both nights, and then they hurriedly jetted off from Dublin (even hiding from 3 fans at the airport) to head to Rhode Island.

Rhode Island:

July 1st there were tweets saying that they were at the beach, a restaurant, and then finally pictures of them getting ice cream. Now just like with Nashville, RI is a lot more private and often times there isn’t paparazzi so she had to rely on fans to do the work for her, and post the pictures. If she would have brought a photographer with her it would have been way to obvious. So just like in the beginning of this sham, they had to go more low-key.

Taylor literally moved up the 4th of July to the 3rd, so she could stunt with Calvin that day since he had a show on the 4th… She later went on a 2 week break of liking things about him, which then her fans went nuts, and she had to go back to liking things about him again.

Calvin’s Problematic Behavior FINALLY Hitting the Media:

It took months, but it finally happened on August 19th. The media had gotten ahold the original post exposing Calvin’s nasty behavior and began reporting on it. There were multiple articles written, and after this hit the media, they were not seen together until October 30th.

For the next portion of this masterpost, @taytaysbeard on Tumblr has done a very nice job at compiling what has happened once we get the full picture so I will be linking a lot of her posts since she lays it out really well.

From this point on in the stunt, they’ve gotten very obvious.

Massage Parlor Pictures:

On September 8th, Calvin was seen at a Thai massage parlor where people go to “get their happy ending.” These pictures were set up by him or his team in attempts to get out of this stunt. It ended up blowing up in their face when the media started reporting on October 12th that he had cheated. Taylor hopped on to Tumblr to “defend” him, and Calvin posted on Twitter about how he would sue for defamation of character. Taylor wasn’t going to let him get out of his contract that easily though. She had to get to one year (or longer), and prove to the world she could keep a man. So she dragged him to Miami on October 30th where he looked angry the entire time while in the audience, and ended up leaving early to catch a flight back to LA 45 minutes before her.

SoHo House (again):

On November 15th, Taylor, Calvin and his friends met at SoHo House.


So according to the tweeter (who later deleted these since it’s the SoHo House), they left separately. This girl also tweeted that they didn’t hug or kiss before Taylor left. She had also been out of the country for a week and right when she got back, they went out with his friends instead of just having dinner alone. Which that also goes back to the whole “never being alone” thing.

Taylor’s Birthday:

Taylor got back from Australia the day of her birthday, but not even then did she stop working. She had just announced the deal she signed with Apple for her tour video so instead of celebrating her birthday, her and Calvin (and her parents) showed up to Jimmy Lovine’s granddaughters birthday party. Out of all the celebrities there (even Gwen and Blake), only Taylor and Calvin were papped. Based off of pictures, Calvin and Taylor avoided each other most of the night, but when they did come in contact, Taylor only faked it when the cameras were flashing.

Christmas in Colorado:

Except for it wasn’t. Taylor arrived in CO the 19th, and Calvin showed up the 22nd only to leave 10 hours later after they got the pictures needed for Tree to spin a story. Even Taylor doesn’t seem to think it was a vacation even though we are meant to believe he was “there” the entire time. He continued to rebel against the narrative and was posting from Scotland over Christmas. Also during this time, Calvin had had his Instagram set to private for weeks until this “trip.” He unlocked it, and then posted the pictures of himself and Taylor.


Taylor had released the OOTW music video the night of New Years Eve. She always uses Calvin to get her name in the headlines right before/after she releases something new. This time, it didn’t even seem like they were trying. She was only there for 2 hours, and there was no NYE kiss or hug. She commanded him to stay where he was during the countdown. They again to separate flights back to LA.

Valentine’s Day:

A lot of us are still on the fence with whether or not he was actually at Taylor’s house that night. We all know how easy it is to manipulate social media, and we are almost sure she has access to his accounts. How else would he like her pictures on Instagram within seconds of her posting it when they are in other countries that have different timezones? As for the Valentine’s Day post, the snapchat of Taylor’s cat that night seem extremely forced. Olivia wasn’t doing anything that spectacular, Taylor was overly excited, and you could only hear her. Calvin almost always speaks when he snapchats. It was just overall very weird.


During the Grammys, Calvin was snapping from the studio showing everyone he was working on the biggest night of Taylor’s career. If they are actually datingit doesn’t make sense why he wasn’t there or at least watching. We have found a pattern that Taylor does NOT stunt at important, personal events. 

Brit’s Wedding:

Taylor didn’t bring Calvin to the wedding of her childhood best friend. He was snapping with his buddies all weekend in LA so he could have easily been there, but it goes back to the fact that Taylor doesn’t stunt at events like these.

Hunting Season:

We know Calvin is no stranger to rebelling against the stunt (massage parlor), and he decided once again to do it the day before their “anniversary” celebration. He posted a video (this is a picture from it) at Omnia in Las Vegas, never deleted it, and finally gave context almost a day later. Apparently the girl hunts? But really, it doesn’t matter what he meant, he knew exactly how that would look, and for an entire day nobody had context to what it meant.

Their Middle School Anniversary:

Calvin flew to Nashville to “celebrate” and they first started out by posting their cake they made on his snapchat, and he ended it with a completely unenthusiastic yay. I also have to add that the cake looked like literal shit.

Then we had Taylor post on Instagram a picture of the locket he “got” her. Which even The Cut (they’re part of New York Times) found extremely immature. This again goes back to the privacy thing, on what planet does it make sense for Taylor to post her anniversary date? It just screamed, “Look at me!! See I can “date” someone for more than 3 months!!!”

He did his duties, and then ditched asap.

The Bahamas:

Taylor flew to the Bahamas the morning of March 13th. With a 5 hour flight, and the time change, she would have gotten there by 6 pm and the sun sets at around 7 pm so there’s no way any of those pictures were taken the 13th. Then she left in the morning again on March 16th, and flew to Nashville.

So Taylor at least had roughly two days in the Bahamas, and how many swim suits was she wearing in all those pictures? FOUR. All the pics were taken within a few hours since there were sunset ones, but based off the sun in some of those shots, you can tell a few were taken at the same time since the sun barely changed in some of the shots where she was wearing different swimsuits.

Again, we go back to the quote where she said she would keep her next relationship private… Only for those two to post in total 10 pictures from their trip? Even people like Buzzfeed were trying not to be too harsh in calling out how extra and over the top it was.

They again took different jets, further demonstrating they never fly together.

iHeart Radio Awards

April 3rd, 2016, Taylor and Calvin attended the iHeart Radio Awards, and boy did he look bored. @tayvinisfake21 attended as well to keep an eye on them, and this was the recap post she made. They arrived separately, Tree kept checking in on them, their hugging was awkward, he didn’t stand up one of the times she won so he gave her a half assed sitting down hug, he was on his phone basically the entire time, and he looked miserable every time she was around. It’s known he doesn’t like award shows, but he was perfectly fine and smiling when he was talking to Kelly Osbourne and his buddies during commercial breaks. This was also Calvin’s face when Taylor thanked him in her acceptance speech. Here’s a still of his face as well. I got a message from a friend explaining what his face looked like best. Calvin was also sitting on his phone during her last acceptance speech. Even ET caught on to the fact that he didn’t thank her back…. He thanked Diplo instead. The entire night was just messy. Taylor was (somewhat) trying, where on the other hand he was not. At all.

Promo Season:

They stunt before Taylor releases something to get her name in the headlines. Examples? The Apple Tour video with her birthday and NYE with the OOTW video. She even had candids taken of them at the beginning of March only to hop onto Instagram about an hour later to post a picture from the Vanity Fair party with New Romantics lyrics.


It was basically clock work at that point We were even able to make a bingo card out of it because it was that predictable.


First Weekend – Calvin stayed in LA and Taylor stayed at a house with her friends. They made literally no contact that weekend, and basically all the stunting they did was Taylor at his show. After, she posted a picture of herself during his set, but then later deleted it. 

Second Weekend – They flew together (with a bunch of friends), but Gigi tried making it seem like she was third wheeling their date. Just goes to show how easy SM is to manipulate. At the time, we had been pointing out quite often that they would never fly on the same jet together, and then that time they did. Shocker. All in all, stunting at Coachella was pretty minimal.

Promo Season Part Two:

Now it was Calvin’s turn to get the promo from Taylor. His new single (This is What You Came For feat. Rihanna) came out April 29th, and 2 days before that, Taylor hit IG up with a very obvious promo post for him, just minutes after he posted. She was also promo’ing him at Coachella in terms of his new single, but planted it before anyone knew he was releasing new music

On the day of the release, Taylor was captioning her pictures from Gigi’s 21st birthday party with his lyrics. 

Taylor’s over the top promo for the new single also made more sense in hindsight since a few weeks later everyone found out Taylor wrote the song. Get that royalty $$$, girl!

Social Media:

It was clearly evident that Tree was doing things way different than Taylor’s old publicist had been, and social media was just one aspect of that shift. Tumblr specifically had been used as a manipulation tool this entire stunt, and it still is to this day. If Taylor doesn’t like people talking about a certain subject, she likes a post that gets down on others who are doing it, and then everyone shuts up. We’ve seen it time and time again, it happened after kissgate and the boat incident. She wanted everyone to stop talking about about kissgate so she liked a post calling a set group of shippers freaks. During this time specifically, she took a 24 day Tumblr break starting in February of 2016 and ending on March 15th. March 15th, the same day that ALL those pictures from the Bahamas got posted. What kind of posts was she liking? ALL Calvin related posts. We figured the New Romantics music video was most likely going to be dropping within a week or two (which it did) so we chalked this up to more promo. Her Tumblr likes have been fan service to the heteronormative/homophobic side of the fanbase. It will never make sense how people think this is how a 26 year old would conducts a real relationship.


The only thing I will say about Karlie is that after watching this unfold, Taylor and Calvin copied almost everything Taylor and Karlie have done. Other than a Vogue cover and a Knicks basketball game, everything has been copied. They’ve even taken it to the extent of writing TS and AW in the sand on their Bahamas trip like Karlie wrote her and Taylor’s name in the sand during their Big Sur road trip.


We had been predicting this break up for about 1.5 months, and we were 4 for 4 in our predictions when it came to the break up.

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