Swiftgron Masterpost

This is my attempt at covering everything that happened between Taylor and Dianna back in 2011-2013.

This masterpost will consist of the following:

  • A timeline
  • Songs off of Red and 1989 that are about Dianna
  • Dianna’s reaction to Karlie and Taylor being together
  • Other pieces of information about Dianna and Taylor

Vanity Fair Oscar Party – February 27, 2011

It’s unknown whether or not Dianna and Taylor talked at this party, but they both attended.



Fairfax Flea Market – September 5, 2011

Taylor and Dianna officially met at the flea market through a mutual friend, Ashley Avignone. Dianna’s brother, Jason, was there as well, and he wrote on his Facebook that Dianna brought up that she had gone to a Kanye West concert unbeknown Taylor had beef with Kanye. Taylor found it funny, and they all laughed about it.


Dianna’s tweet about Taylor’s Vogue shoot – January 17, 2012 


Hunger Games Movie Date – March 25, 2012

Dianna tweeted the next day about seeing the movie, but without fan pictures, no one would have known she attended this movie with Taylor.



Dianna’s tweet about the people who make her happy – March 28, 2012



Dianna meets Andrea at Il Pastaio – March 30, 2012

Taylor is the only one papped leaving, but Dianna was noted to have been there in this article.

Kids’ Choice Awards and Dianna’s House Party – March 31, 2012

Taylor attended the Kids’ Choice Awards, but instead of heading to an after party, Taylor went to Dianna’s house. One of Dianna’s good friends Chris Benz brought a friend named Jimmy James along, and Jimmy had been tweeting that night.




Dinner at Otto – April 7, 2012

Dianna was in NYC that weekend because she was on the View that Monday, but it’s still unknown as to why Taylor was there as well. They ended up having dinner with Emma Stone.


Taylor visiting Dianna at the Bowery Hotel – April 8, 2012




Dianna on Jimmy Kimmel – April 12, 2012

Dianna denied the love triangle between her, Taylor, and Tim Tebow. She also said, “Hi Taylor,” and blew the camera a kiss.

Girls Night w/ Ashley and Claire – April 24, 2012

All four girls got together that night to play dress up. (x) (x)

Keep an eye on the flower crowns Taylor and Di are wearing, those will be brought up again later in this post.

#DATEME Tweet (later changed to @/DATEME) – April 25, 2012



She had initially tweeted #DATEME, but she ended up deleting it, and changing it to what it is in the tweet above. Also pay attention to when she tweeted it, 2 am…

Taylor buying lingerie at Victoria’s Secret – April 25, 2012

Keep in mind, this happened 5 days before Dianna’s birthday.


Dianna’s Birthday Party – April 29, 2012

Taylor dressed up like a cat on a leash, and sang for Di.


Dominick’s Dinner Date – May 16, 2012


Pancake Pantry in Nashville and Taylor’s Show – July 2, 2012


Dianna was then seen at Taylor’s show in Tanglewood later that day.


Hyannis Port – 4th of July weekend of 2012

The same weekend Taylor “met” Conor Kennedy. Taylor got her beard, and the Kennedy’s got a real estate deal out of it. (x) (x)

Also keep this Taylor and Dianna sighting in mind for later.


Taylor and Dianna both head to Paris for PFW w/ Ashley and Emma – October 4, 2012.

Red is Released – October 22, 2012

Dianna tweeted a picture of her listening to Everything Has Changed. Once again, keep this in mind.


RFK Foundation Dinner – December 4, 2012


Dinner at the Crosby Hotel in NYC w/ Harry – December 6, 2012

Dianna accompanied Taylor and Harry to dinner. Harry was just another beard for Taylor, most likely to cover her and Dianna up.


Taylor’s tweet about Glee – February 14, 2013

Before the Valentines Day episode of Glee, Taylor tweeted this.


When the show aired, Dianna’s character Quinn ends up having sex with Naya’s character and Taylor’s song was never in the episode at all. Essentially, Dianna tricked Taylor into watching her character have sex with another girl. This was most likely a sore spot for Taylor since Dianna and Naya used to hook up in real life. I can confidently say this because my source knows people close to some of the cast members. 

Taylor then deleted the tweet, and tweeted something else about her dancers.


***Now that we’ve gotten through the basic timeline of these two, this next part is when things started to go down hill very fast***

The article that almost outed them – April 16, 2013

The article was completely fake, but the thing went viral.


Dating rumors continued to spread – April 23, 2013

When creating this in 2016, the user below had 46k followers.


By this time we believe they have ended things.

Dianna’s Birthday – April 29, 2013

Dianna tweets this video, and even though Taylor had a week off during the Red tour (planned on purpose), they don’t see each other.

FUN Concert (that wasn’t fun) – September 5, 2013

They don’t interact until this concert, but again, social media interactions between the two go dead after the concert.

As mentioned previously, one of my sources knows people associated with the Glee cast. So before we get into the songs, I want to preface that I have received word from that source and another reliable source that Dianna proposed to Taylor in early 2013 (most likely a last ditch effort). Taylor had to be realistic about it so she obviously couldn’t say yes. They were in a very on and off relationship, and their relationship appeared to be an unhealthy one in some aspects. 

Keep all of this in mind as I discuss songs that are about Dianna off of Red and 1989. Taylor makes a lot of marriage references on the two albums, and this information makes things a lot clearer.

Songs about Dianna on Red

Everything Has Changed

In one of the first releases of Red, Taylor’s secret message for EHC was ‘Hyannis Port’… But that’s not how she spelled it. It was ‘Hyiannis Port’ (Dianna) instead.


If you remember from earlier, Hyannis Port is where Taylor and Conor met so people assumed this secret message was about him. Except it’s not. Some articles say her first date with Conor was July 25th. Taylor then announced Red on August 13th. When did her and Ed record EHC? May 28th. Making it impossible for this song to be about Conor… She hadn’t even met him yet.

Holy Ground – Gender Neutral

Again, if you remember from earlier, at Dianna’s birthday party, Taylor dressed as a cat on a leash. Then (most likely the night of the party) Taylor wrote this on Dianna’s bathroom wall.


“I’m a little kitten and I need to nurse because I’m a runt and I’m likely to fall victim to predators”

There’s a lyric in Holy Ground that goes, ‘I left a note on the door with a joke we’d made.’

22 – Gender Neutral

Multiple friends, including Dianna, were in Taylor’s secret message for 22. The addition of her friends into the mix and the video together are meant to give the listener the feel that this song is just about friends having fun with each other. Except if you ignore the video, and just really listen to the lyrics, the song takes on a whole new meaning. Especially if you take a look at the original lyrics…


Sometimes it hits me / We’re moving quickly
Toward something hazy / A future I can’t see
Let’s break the old rules / While we’re still 22
You look like bad news / I’ve gotta have you

When you ignore the video, and just listen to lyrics like these ones – ‘We won’t be sleeping” and “I’ve gotta have you,” the meaning of this song completely changes. Not to mention the fact that when Dianna was asked if this song was about her, she said, “I cannot say.”

Come Back… Be Here – Gender Neutral

Taylor wrote this song over the course of a few days with the same person she ended up writing Treacherous with. Taylor talks about NY and London in the song, and while Taylor was writing it, Dianna was going to the Met Gala in NY (which Taylor didn’t go that year), and then a day later Dianna went to London with Naya Rivera.

Stay Stay Stay – Gender Neutral

This is one of those songs that Taylor makes a marriage reference in with the line, “It’s been occurring to me I’d like to hang out with you for my whole life.” This song also fits the nature of their relationship, as it was so on and off.

Other songs that fit Dianna in general – All Gender Neutral

  • Treacherous
  • Begin Again
  • Holy Ground

Songs about Dianna on 1989 – All Gender Neutral (Except for Style)

Also before we start this section, I want to note that a writer for the tv show The Originals, Carina Mackenzie, tweeted this about 1989…


I Wish You Would 

Taylor’s last public interaction with Dianna was at the FUN concert in September of 2013 as stated earlier, and IWYW was written in October 2013. The song was assumed to be about Harry since it references an ex driving past her house. Harry bought a house in LA in March of 2014, right around the time Taylor was making her move to NYC.

However, Dianna bought a house in LA near Taylor’s in July of 2013.


A lyric I want to point out is: “We’re a crooked love in a straight line down” since it seems to be queer-coded. Another reference that piqued my interest was all the 2 AM add ins, especially since it’s known that Taylor and Dianna would meet up late at night since Dianna was on Glee and a lot of times they didn’t get done filming until really late. The whole album actually follows the theme of meeting up late at night.


Like I mentioned earlier, we are pretty sure Taylor and Dianna broke up in April of 2013. According to Imogen Heap, when they recorded this song in February of 2014, Taylor only had one verse and the chorus written when she got there. So the rest of the song was written during that session with Imogen, which means the ‘10 months sober’ line was written 10 months after the break up. They did see each other at the FUN concert, but Taylor also says in the song, ‘months and months of back and forth’ and they were very on and off.

Taylor also used this imagery for Clean during her 1989 World Tour.


Which looks an awful lot like this wouldn’t you say?



The song that is irrevocably about Dianna. The number of references to Dianna in this song is wild.

  • ‘Cheshire cat’s smile’ and ‘We found wonderland’ – References to Alice in Wonderland, which Dianna LOVES
  • ‘We fell down the rabbit hole’ – Dianna’s Tumblr URL was literally wefelldowntherabbithole
  • ‘Curious minds’
  • ‘Too in love to think straight’
  • ‘You searched the world for something else to make you feel like what we had’ –  Dianna went traveling after the break up with people like Derek Blasberg (the things that man knows…)
  • ‘And in the end in wonderland we both went mad’ – Dianna has a  ‘we’re all mad here’ tattoo


“New changes and excitement unfolding” sure sounds a lot like the lyric, “Didn’t it all seem new and exciting” to me.

A lot of fans believe this song was kicked to the deluxe version of 1989 where it wouldn’t see as much attention from people just because of how obvious this song is.

All You Had To Do Was Stay

This song fits the theme of their relationship, aka them being very off and on. Don’t listen to Stay Stay Stay and then this song if you don’t want to get emotional lol.

I Know Places

Majority of people think this song is about Harry, but I don’t think calling the paps to come take pictures of you constitutes as hiding, or trying to keep a relationship private and safe. This song also doesn’t really make sense to be about Karlie (although it fits now) because they were glass closeting until Kissgate. Dianna however was sneaking out back doors, and sneaking into Taylor’s place late at night. This song screams that it’s about a closeted relationship, and that’s exactly what Dianna and Taylor had. Not to mention Taylor walked out of (closet) doors during this song on tour. This song also references someone with green eyes, and Dianna has hazel/green eyes. Harry of course does as well, but I think it’s well established it’s not about him.

How You Get the Girl

Taylor wrote it in January 2013, so after one of her and Dianna’s off moments. That was actually after one of their really rough patches since Taylor had been bearding like crazy with Conor and Harry those six months. Six months of them being on and off and upset. Once that was over, it was just them. Which the “remind her how it used to be” line makes complete sense. Taylor included another marriage reference in this song as well. One line in HYGTG is,  “I want you for worse or for better.” For better or for worse till death do us part is literally what people say at weddings.


Yes, I know… You might be saying to yourself, that song is about Harry. But is it really? We know Dianna and Taylor had a very on and off relationship, and I’ve also gotten word that when they were ‘off,’ they would see/hook up with other people. Style is about an on and off relationship, and Taylor writes –

I say, “I heard, oh, that you’ve been out and about with some other girl, some other girl.”

He says, “What you’ve heard is true but I

Can’t stop thinking about you,” and I…

I said, “I’ve been there, too, a few times.”

Let’s also not forget that Harry and Taylor were never on and off. That stunt lasted for about a month, he ended it early, and that was that. Taylor also references driving late at night in this song as well, following that same theme as IWYW.

How Dianna Seemed to Handle Karlie and Taylor’s Relationship

AMAS – November 23, 2014

Their first run in was at the AMAs in 2014, and it was where Dianna approached Taylor and Karlie. It was said that Karlie talked more to Dianna than Taylor did.



Even though there seemed to be a tad bit of awkward tension, they all seemed friendly with each other and moved on with their lives. Whether or not Di knew what was up with the time, I would say she did. Why do I believe this? Because in early 2012 Dianna had tweeted in response to Taylor’s Vogue cover in January (the interview where she touches a picture of Karlie and goes “Karlie Kloss, I love her! I want to bake cookies with her!”) Everybody focused on Karlie’s, “Your kitchen or mine?“ response, but Karlie didn’t make a move for another 2 years. Whereas after, Dianna seemed to have stepped up her game. It’s seems like she saw Karlie as a threat, so to see them at the AMAs together acting the way they were was probably all Di needed to see to know they were together.

Caroline Herrera Show – February 16, 2015

As most know, Karlie is a model so while she was opening and closing the show, Dianna was in the audience watching. Not only did Karlie open and close the show, but in this video she looked extremely smug doing it. She always does to some extent, but during this show she amped it up. We weren’t the only ones who noticed either.


Near the end of the show, the camera pans to Dianna and this was the look on her face.


From around 9:08 in the video linked above and on, Dianna eyes Karlie down. 

Other Pieces of Information

  • Taylor used to babysit Arthur, Dianna’s dog, when Dianna was away
  • Dianna was at the Elle photoshoot with/for Taylor
  • Dianna was at the Giver’s movie audition to show support for Taylor
  • In the first Taylor Swift thread, an insider used to pop in every time Taylor and Dianna used to hang out
  • All of Dianna’s friends loved Taylor
  • They were constantly at each other’s place (mostly Di at Taylor’s)

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