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This is basically a masterpost in itself of little pieces of information that don’t really fit into my typical masterposts, but when you start compiling it, you quickly realize there’s more going on here than meets the eye. 

Great thing about this post is that roughly 90-95% of these are straight up facts, and can’t be disputed.

Karlie talked about soulmates a week after meeting Taylor at the VSFS 2013. She even says they are in interviews, and Taylor agrees.

Taylor flew to London immediately after the VSFS in 2013, and viewed 3 places with her parents. Only to turn around, and purchase her apartment in NYC that’s 10 min away from Karlie’s. Karlie later spilled the beans in the Best Best Friends video they did for Vogue that when Taylor said she might move to London, she didn’t allow it.

Karlie was at Andrea’s birthday party in NYC in January roughly a month after they met.

During their road trip in March of 2014, Taylor posted this picture of the two with the caption “On the way home”, which are actual lyrics out of the song that has many connections to Karlie, You Are In Love.

Taylor refers to Karlie as family.

After the last leg of the Red Tour ended during the summer of 2014, Taylor flew back from Singapore and immediately went to Karlie’s when she got back to the states.

In April of 2014, Taylor and Karlie both went MIA at the same time, and Taylor later posted a picture of herself that said, “looking for easter eggs.” Karlie took that picture, and they took a tropical trip because in May, Taylor told the person who was going to interview her that she had just gotten back from being away with Karlie. Also when they got back, they both resurfaced the same day in NYC and had tans.

Karlie and Josh had pictures taken at the US Open in 2014 after rumors started going around about Taylor and Karlie living together.

Karlie then proceeded to post those pictures from the US Open for his birthday in June of 2015 because it’s the only pictures they have where they look ~semi affectionate. Let’s not forget the fact that he hates the paps, which makes this even more ironic/ridiculous.

We almost always get latergrams from Josh right before we get Karlie and Taylor together. One example being right before Karlie flew all the way from Rome to Taylor’s show at Metlife in July of 2015. Josh posted a picture of Karlie the day before.

Karlie has forgotten about him in multiple interviews, and gets highly uncomfortable when he’s brought up or when men are brought up in general. More recently in an interview she did with Elle UK she completely deflected the question about him, and then answered it quickly only about herself.

When talking about significant others, Karlie will also use the word partner, or she says “whether it’s a boyfriend or girlfriend.” Also this post analyzes her body language more from that interview where she says “boyfriend or girlfriend”

The only picture we have of Karlie kissing a guy is Derek Blasberg (her gay best friend) on NYE, and Josh was at that party. There are multiple pictures of her kissing girls.

Derek once said Josh is Karlie’s friend, instead of boyfriend.

Her and Josh lied about their first meeting/outing. They met a Chelsea soccer game (their friend Dasha Zhukova’s ex-husband owns Chelsea) at Yankee Stadium in July of 2012, not at the Victoria Secret show in November of 2012 like they claim.

Karlie appears as Josh’s plus-one at weddings and Josh’s company parties, but he never appears with her at fashion events as her plus-one. They do appear at the Met Gala together as that is a professional event they would both attend for business reasons.

He only attends fashion events where he has fashion interests in his investments, for example, he attended the Warby Parker launch Karlie was a part of because he invests in it.

In 2015, he only attended one thing that didn’t have his investments or interests in mind. The Frame Denim launch, but her friends and family were there also.

Karlie has promoted quite a few things this year on her Instagram, and Josh invests in almost all of them (around 9 things). Even tampons.

More recently, she promoted Oscar (Josh’s health insurance company) with her yearly IG post.

Josh also skipped the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in 2013 (it was even in NYC) and in 2014, even though 2014 was her last show ever with VS, Taylor got to share that moment with her though.

Kimby Kloss (Karlie’s sister) created her Twitter account in December of 2013 (around the time Karlie and Taylor met) and immediately followed Taylor. She however did not start following Josh on Twitter until Feb. 23, 2014 despite the fact Karlie and Josh had been “dating” since 2012. Also Kurt Kloss (Karlie’s dad) didn’t follow Josh until Feb. 7, 2014, but still does not follow Taylor either. The timing of these Josh follows are interesting because it was a few short weeks before the road trip, and when Taylor and Karlie went public that they were friends.

2015 was the first year Karlie ever posted anything on Valentine’s Day for Josh. She also posted one for Taylor.

Out of everyone connected to Karlie (family and friends), Kurt was the only one who liked Karlie’s (very over the top) IG post for Josh’s birthday in June of 2015.

We have never seen Josh at a Kloss family event even though we’ve seen all the other boyfriends (Kimby’s and Kristine’s) there. The other boyfriends go on family trips, like the one they took to FL over Karlie’s birthday, but again, Josh was nowhere to be seen.

Kimby dropped in an article she wrote that Taylor shows up to Kloss family dinners.

While at Coachella in 2015, Karlie was walking and holding hands with a female friend, and then dropped it as soon as she saw the paps and grabbed Josh’s hand. They then proceeded to give the paps fake smiles.

After Taylor and Karlie were almost outed at the 1975 concert December 4, 2014 (kissgate), public interactions decreased, and once Calvin Harris was hired as Taylor’s beard, Karlie and Taylor were not seen publicly for 4 months. From March until the end of 2015, they were seen 6 times publicly (Karlie at Taylor’s place in May, the Hyde Park show, both Metlife Shows, VMAs, and Lily Aldridge’s birthday party). Compared to 2014, that is a HUGE difference.

Tree never actually denied kissgate.

Near the end of January in 2015, Karlie and Taylor went to Nashville (around the time we figure Andrea had just been diagnosed), and they most likely weren’t going to post about it, but a few fan pics of them were taken, and a few tweets went around that Taylor didn’t allow pictures. After pictures of just Karlie and Taylor were taken, they ended up posting their own pics on IG signifying they were in Nashville together.

Taylor and Karlie have not had candids taken since November of 2014, so over a year.

During the ballerina outtakes for Shake It Off, Taylor was talking about the ballerinas, and was breathing really heavy. Also in that video she stated that it was like heaven. Who grew up doing ballet? Karlie. She even brought up Karlie when she talked about the ballerinas, and how you can tell when that Karlie doing ballet based off of the way she walks the runway. Start the video in the post around 1:48 to see just how heavy she was breathing.

Karlie was the only one (besides Taylor’s family) to meet fans at the secret sessions, and fans reported that roughly 40% of Taylor’s apartment consists of pictures of her and Karlie.

The day before the release of 1989, Karlie posted a picture of her and Josh from Myanmar, but she didn’t tag it as a latergram, and tried making it seem like they were there again. And we know know this for a fact because Kimby commented saying “Have fun!”… But really Karlie was out to lunch with Taylor (while she posted this pic), and we also know they were at lunch because one of the guys who works for Tumblr posted a picture of them after Taylor’s GMA performance.

Following the rumors they were living together in August of 2014, the social media interaction died down. It picked up again in mid-September 2014 when they got lunch together in Beverly Hills, after this we got the clearest version of Taylor singing “…that SHE never loved me…” in IKYWT during her performance for iHeartRadio.

Before the 2014 AMAs, a mysterious anon appeared on TLC and wrote that Karlie would be Taylor’s plus +1. Of course it could have been good guessing, but they reappeared on Taylor’s birthday saying “Saving/Save the best for last”, which Karlie ended up being the last one to post on Taylor’s birthday near midnight. Again could be a good guess, but the timing is peculiar.

It was reported by fans at the 2014 AMAs that the girls were walking everywhere hand in hand.

Like I said earlier, we tend to get latergrams before the girls are seen together, and Josh posted a picture of Karlie before the AMAs as pre-damage control.

Karlie was the one recording Taylor in her Swiftmas video while she was talking about the bubble wrap since you can hear Karlie laugh. She was also for sure helping another day because in a selfie her and Taylor took, they were in different outfits.

Over the Grammys, Karlie was in town for a shoot, and although Karlie and Taylor’s best friend Abigail were both at Taylor’s birthday in 2014, the social media interactions the morning after the Grammys made it clear they saw each other that weekend.

Karlie had flowers sent to her hotel in Paris right after the Brits saying “Finally made it to Paris, and found this waiting for me. #feelingLOVED.” This was right after she was with Taylor at the Brit Awards, and she didn’t tag anyone as the sender. I’m inclined to believe they came from Taylor. In this post you can see that these flowers are almost identical to the ones Taylor posted with You Are In Love lyrics, the same song we believe to be about Karlie. To further show Taylor likes these sorts of flowers, she also sent a bouquet similar to the one she sent Karlie to the BBC Radio 1 talk host, Fearne Cotton.

Taylor cut her Tumblr break short in March of 2015 after the music video Karlie was featured in (where she was practically half naked the entire time) premiered. Taylor’s dash would have been filled with gifs of it because this was before the stunt started, and people were still on the Karlie bandwagon. Also Scott Borchetta (head of BMR) tweeted the link to Taylor.

Karlie sleeps on the left side of the bed, Taylor sleep on the right side. Doesn’t prove anything, but I still think it’s cute.

In February of 2015, Taylor was Karlie’s +1 to the Oscar de la Renta show, and when asked why she was there, Taylor said, “my publicist would get mad at me.” Her comment was interesting because after the ODLR show and the Brit awards a few days later, Karlie and Taylor were not seen publicly again until May 28th.

They had not been seen publicly alone/without buffers from February 2015 (odlr show) to March 2016, so over a year.

Karlie posted this IG picture of her and Taylor, and initially the caption said “Missing my girl”, but a few short minutes after it was changed to “Missing my BFF”…… And since captions don’t change on Facebook, here’s the Facebook post where the initial caption is still there. We of course got blamed for this caption change, but it was changed within a few minutes and before most of us even saw it.

The girls tend to go MIA for multiple days at a time whenever they’re in the same city (especially when they’re in NYC) – After Lily Aldridge’s birthday party in LA (that Taylor hosted) from Nov. 19th-21st.

Karlie was in LA over Andrea’s birthday on January 9th and 10th. They again went MIA, and the only reason we knew Karlie went from Las Vegas to LA was because a fan took a picture with her in LAX before she went back to NYC.

More recently Jaime King posted a picture of her and Selena from a party at Taylor’s LA house before Selena’s album dropped. Based off this timeline put together, Taylor and Karlie spent almost all of Taylor’s 5 day break together, and again, not one picture of this. Displaying once again they see each other, but don’t post about it.

Jumping back to Lily’s birthday real quick, before Karlie got to LA for Lily’s birthday, Josh favorited 2 tweets about her, and throughout their entire “relationship” he has only favorited 5 tweets about her in total.

Taylor often times get caught checking Karlie out. Here’s an example of Taylor glancing at Karlie’s chest on the red carpet before the VMAs. Here’s another example of her checking Karlie out during the VSFS show in 2014, and also checking her out backstage.

Okay I can’t forget about Karlie checking Taylor out.

Karlie has a thing for Taylor’s ass.

Karlie can’t control herself around Taylor, and she often times turns into the heart eyes emoji whenever Taylor is around or brought up. Subtlety is not her thing, and we love her for it.

After Karlie’s Bad Blood poster was posted on Taylor’s IG we figured they would do some damage control. Taylor posted Karlie’s poster at 3 pm, and we got candids of Taylor and Calvin a couple hours later.

When Taylor and Calvin were stunting in NYC back in May, Tree was papped leaving Taylor’s apartment with a suitcase during that time, suggesting she was staying there or bringing someone their luggage….

Karlie was the one who somewhat announced Wildest Dreams would be the next single in a video she did for Glamour Magazine the day before it was released.

OOTW is a song heavily related to closeting, and back in the spring Karlie told a fan, “Wait til you see what she does with OOTW”, and then it ended up being that Taylor was going to wear an a look-alike body suit to the one Karlie wore when they first met during the tour.

Karlie uses Taylor’s bodyguards.

Back when Taylor’s stunt was high key the first few months, Karlie or Taylor would like something from each other on IG, often times giving us the heads up.

Lily Aldridge posted this picture, and tagged Taylor in it a few days before the stunt started. 

Karlie followed Calvin on Instagram before Taylor even did.

Calvin was still liking his ex girlfriend’s pictures on Instagram (Aarika Wolf) even though he had already “been with” Taylor for a few weeks.

After the boat incident (and when Taylor and Karlie probably weren’t on good terms when Taylor went to Dublin), Derek randomly mentioned Taylor in an IG post in relation to Karlie after the failed boat ride, even though he had no reason to. He has only ever tagged Taylor in 3 posts, and Taylor was actually in the picture with him when he tagged her in the other 2 times.

In an interview before the 4th of July, Selena Gomez said she was probably going to go to Taylor’s for the 4th, but when the time came around (Taylor stunted heavily that weekend) she ended up not going. She did however post a picture on IG shading Taylor, and the shenanigans she was pulling that weekend. Selena also stayed quiet about Taylor and CH until she had her album to promote, and she name dropped CH on Ellen.

Selena was also the co-star in Bad Blood, but didn’t attend the BBMAs, and throughout majority of the stunt she was only seen with Taylor once. Once the stunt started decreasing a bit, she was seen with her twice in one week, suggesting she was staying away from Taylor and her stunt.

Taylor announced on her birthday that the 1989 World Tour Live video would be on Apple Music, later that night her and Calvin (and her parents) were seen at a birthday party for Jimmy Lovine’s (Apple’s Exec) grand daughter. Those two were also the only ones to be papped, even though people like Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, and Pharrell Williams were there.

Taylor visited a girl named Delaney in Colorado, which based off of Delaney’s initial Instagram caption, they were set up because Kurt saw others commenting that Taylor should meet Delaney. Kurt then talked to Karlie, and Karlie talked to Taylor. A few days later, the part about Kurt/Karlie hooking Delaney up with Taylor was taken out of the caption.

Also during that stay in Colorado, Taylor had Calvin fly into Vail for under 10 hours to build a snowman, and then he flew to Scotland like he said he was going to in an interview. Here’s a post better explaining it in more detail.

Tree Paine (Taylor’s publicist) then used this photo op with the snowman and razoring in the mountains as a ploy to be able to plant with People that they were together for Christmas, when in actuality they were not.

Taylor even took a trick out of 1DHQ’s book by completely switching what snow pants and jacket she was wearing in the second picture posted to make it appear like the picture was from a different day, when really it wasn’t.

To top it all off, even after “dating” for a year, Calvin couldn’t be bothered to show up to the Grammys or even watch. He posted from the studio mid Grammys on one of the biggest nights of her life. But #goals right?

For more reasons on why Taylor and Calvin don’t add up, I created a whole masterpost, and it goes into more detail.

As you can see, once you start compiling these things, ignoring the fact that there’s something bigger going on here becomes very difficult.

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