Karlie and Josh Aren’t Actually Married

Believe it or not, Karlie and Josh aren’t actually married. Shocker, I know!

How do we know this? Well I personally have a source/friend that knows somebody that works closely with Karlie on the business side and they’ve confirmed:

  • It was literally just a photoshoot
  • Behind the scenes pictures were NOT supposed to leak that day
  • No documents were signed so they’re not legally married
  • Josh is making his exit in 2019

Initially the plan was for the “wedding” to be just be a spread in Vogue (hence it being a photoshoot), but when pictures from that day leaked, they had to go with plan B. Karlie was apparently losing it, and because of that, Taylor flew home to NYC for 5 days after her shows in Australia. Remember this picture Taylor posted on her story the day it happened? When it looked like she had been crying? Yeah, that’s because nothing was ~actually~ supposed to happen that day. Or, in other words, the world wasn’t supposed to know about the wedding stunt yet.

Karlie was also very stressed before the whole debacle (she canceled the VS and Carolina Herrera show last minute) so Taylor spent time with her in St. Louis as well.

Many might be asking why Karlie even went through with this in the first place, and that’s definitely a valid question. From what we’ve heard, Karlie was nervous that if she didn’t do what him and his family wanted to some extent, they would sabotage her future business endeavors. They are the Kushners after all, so it’s understandable why this was a concern. 

We’ve also heard from these sources that annual dates on Karlie and Josh’s contract was September to August, and in 2018, Karlie passed on renewing it for the first time ever. We’ve heard Karlie renegotiated her contract down to May as well, and that was part of why she went through with the stunt to begin with (it gave her some leverage in the negotiations). If anything changes in terms of that timeline, the latest it can go is August of 2019 since that’s when the original contract was set to expire. There’s also the chance that they “split” in May and then just announce it later in the summer. There’s a lot of possibilities so we’ll have to see how it shakes out.

Sourcing: I want to note that this isn’t the type of situation where it’s just once source confirming it, this has been confirmed by four different sources. The sources range from people on Karlie and Taylor’s team, all the way to people who run in their circles. Between this and Karlie and Taylor’s own engagement (which has been confirmed by five sources), these are the two biggest things we have the most information on. 

At this point it isn’t a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN

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