Karlie and Josh Aren’t Actually Married

Believe it or not, Karlie and Josh aren’t actually married. Shocker, I know!

How do I know this? Well I have a source that knows somebody that works very closely to Karlie on the business side and they’ve confirmed:

  • The “wedding” was literally just a photoshoot
  • It wasn’t supposed to leak that day
  • No documents were signed so they’re not legally married
  • Josh is making his exit in 2019

This isn’t a type of situation where it’s just one source saying it either. Myself and two others have all been told this information by different sources. We’ve also heard from these sources that Karlie and Josh’s contract would renew every August, and in August of 2017, Karlie passed on renewing their contract for the first time. Karlie renegotiated her contract in order to get it to end earlier (May), hence why she had to go through with the wedding stunt. If anything changes in terms of that timeline, the latest it can go is August of 2019 since that’s when the original contract was set to expire. So for example, they could split in May and just announce it later in the summer.

At this point it isn’t a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN. Our girl is going to finally be free!!!

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