Josh is Already Married (and not to Karlie)

As we all know by now, Karlie and Josh have announced they are “engaged” (and are now “married”).

In late April, TTB made a post featuring a website that details personal records of the individual you’re searching for. In this post, it details that Josh is married. A few months later, she got an anonymous message asking about that post, and showed further proof through a website called Spokeo that Karlie is listed as single.

During the last week of August 2018, I sought out this information so I could see for myself, and what I found was interesting. It appears Josh’s public records have somehow been sealed/scrubbed, because when you search for him on Spokeo, it shows he’s  single.

If anything, this proves they look/monitor blogs like TTB since ~magically~ it’s changed and gone.

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